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Family Dental Services - Alexandria MN

Dentures and Partials

Artificial options for some or all of the natural teeth and/or tissues that may be missing. These are generally removable appliances but may be stabilized with dental implants.


Artificial replacement for missing tooth structures


Prosthetic replacement for one or more missing teeth

Digital X-Rays

Low radiation images taken of teeth to determine overall health of teeth


Nitrous Oxide or oral prescription sedatives can be used in conjunction with local anesthesia to lessen one’s anxiety while keeping the patient conscious and comfortable.

Emergency Appointments Available

We see emergency patients for a variety of reasons, most commonly broken or chipped teeth and fillings as well as patients experiencing pain. Call 320-763-3113 for the soonest available appointment.


Custom fit whitening trays to enhance appearance of teeth. Our whitening solution is more effective and lasts longer than whitening products found in stores!

Fillings & Composites

Tooth colored material made to restore lost tooth structure. Dr. Thiery generally recommends the tooth colored resin restorations. They can look amazing!


Material placed on the chewing surface of teeth that fills the grooves to aid in cavity prevention. Most commonly placed in children’s 6 & 12 year molars. Once placed in our office, they are checked and replaced as needed with no further charge through their teen years.

Snore Guards (Elastic Mandibular Advancement Device)

These oral devices are made to reduce snoring and Mild Sleep Apnea. The purpose is to advance the lower jaw and create less restricted air flow during sleep. Often times a great replacement for CPAPs and many tolerate them much easier. Wonderful for travel! Testimonials are available upon request.

Occlusal Guard (Night Guards)

Custom molded to the patients top or bottom teeth. Aid in reducing pain in the jaw joint and wear on teeth caused from clenching or grinding at night.

Custom Fit Athletic Mouth Guards

Protecting your teeth during sports is important. We make a mold of our patient’s teeth to aid in comfort and teeth and gum protection. No more bulky guards!