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Dental Implant Restorative Treatment Options

Dental Implants are a great, time tested treatment option to replace one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. These dental implants can become the anchorage for individual crowns, multiple teeth, or an entire prosthetic denture, which maybe be removable or fixed. The end result will look like a natural tooth.

Another use for dental implants is to anchor a denture into place. Sometimes dentures have poor retention due to lack of bone present to retain them. In these cases, dental implants are placed for retention. Special attachments are placed onto the implants and into the denture. These attachments connect the implant to the denture and create a solid lock that holds the denture into place. They help give stability to the denture so that they function better.

At Young at Heart, we will work together with our oral surgeon colleagues to coordinate the best treatment for your specialized treatment plan.